Tales of Vapor and Romance

Once I received a vaporizer from the Vapor-Domain, I was having the time of my life. I was getting the relaxing sensation of vapor in my own home. bore that, I would get it by going to a club that had vaporizers set up like a bar. It was similar to the pure oxygen craze that happened many years ago, on;y better. The bad thing about it was that I had to pay an expensive price to get into those clubs, and it wasn’t even as fun as I thought it would be. There were too many people pushing and crowding. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience, no matter how much I liked the vapor.

While in the comfort of my own home, I could just use the vaporizer while sitting in my comfy leather chair. I would put on some classical music and just lay back. I didn’t have any roommates to complain about it, there was no one shoving me to get a turn on the vaporizer. It was a pure heaven that I created.

While at the bookstore one day, I bumped into a woman who also uses a vaporizer, and I invited her over to have some vapor with me. I did a little cleaning in preparation of her arrival. Later that night, she arrived, and we had a great time using the vaporizer and talking. She was pretty funny and had some interesting stories to tell. We got pretty cozy that night, but she had to leave she could go to work. I asked her if she wanted to come over again later in the week and she agreed. Later that week when she came over, we got a little bit closer, and eventually we kissed. It was a very flavorful kiss with the taste of vapor.