Rural Satellite Service Through Hughesnet in Michigan

They should have a sign at the top of the hill out where we live. It should advise of the end of normal Twentieth Century data conveniences. Once you pass the stop sign leading down into the valley, the cable TV and cable Internet stop. DSL is slow because of old infrastructure, and we all know that dial-up, even if you can get it, is worthless for today’s high speed Internet. That is why we use Hughesnet in Michigan where we live. The satellite dish both sends and receives signals making it easy to have broadband Internet where there is no other broadband service.

You might be saying to yourself how we could use our cellular provider’s data plans. Well, that would be good if we had cell signal in the valley. To make a cellular call I have to stand next to the dining room window in a precise spot without moving. Otherwise I lose the call. Texts come in and get out sporadically too. The only option for good Internet connectivity was to get Hughesnet in Michigan. Now we do not have any problems connecting to the Internet.

We are not super heavy bandwidth users, but we do like an occasional streaming movie, and we are voracious for the email and social media. Plus, we like a little online gaming at times too. The Hughesnet in Michigan is fast enough to support what we do on the Internet on a daily basis. The kids do not have any problems with it and neither do we. We get all of the Wi-Fi we need over our wireless router that is connected to the Hughesnet satellite modem. It is amazing that the dish outside is both sending and receiving satellite signals carrying Internet information back and forth to a satellite thousands of miles in space.