DirecTV Has the Best Equipment

When my kids came home from a sleepover at their friend’s house, they begged me to change to DirecTV. I had to laugh because they had never shown an interest in satellite television before, and I asked them why they were so eager for this switch. They told me that their friend has DirecTV, and he is able to do so much more with his equipment than we can. They started telling me about the DVR receivers, and it did sound pretty amazing. I went to so I could find out more information about this receiver along with info on DirecTV itself.

I had naturally heard of this company before, but I have never had satellite TV before. The more I read about DirecTV though, the more enthused I got about switching to them as well. I was just as excited about the possibilities with the DVR receiver, because it really does do so much more than what our cable DVR receiver could do. I liked that it holds a lot more hours of programming which is huge in our house because most of the shows that we watch are on the DVR.

What was even more impressive is that we would be able to record up to six different shows at once. We have had to give up some of our shows in the past because it seems that all the good shows come on at the same time on the same day. That is no longer a problem now that we have DirecTV. I think my favorite part about it is that I can switch between rooms when I am watching something on the DVR. Instead of being stuck at just one television set, I am able to pause it and resume it on any of the other TVs too. Now that is technology at its finest!

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